Indoor Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a fun, healthy exercise and a great way to meet new friends. There are risks involved with rock climbing and participants are required to abide by strict rules when visiting any indoor rock climbing gym.

An indoor climbing gym is not the same as an indoor playground. Due to the nature of the sport, the risk of falling and getting injured must be taken seriously by everyone inside a climbing facility.

Indoor rock climbing is safe when all participants are knowledgeable and remain alert. Youth programs at Climber's Rock are designed to introduce the sport of rock climbing to new participants and teach them how to enjoy the sport safely.

Academy lessons at Climber's Rock are taught in a separate youth climbing space. Before youth climbers have access to the main climbing gym, they will learn and practice safe climbing techniques and must demonstrate their understanding of gym rules and etiquette.

All parents are strongly encouraged to sign up for our Top Rope Belay lesson (no climbing required). The lesson focuses on safe practices used in rock climbing and will teach you how to work the ropes for your child(ren) and enjoy the sport together (even if keeping both feet on the ground is more your style).

The climbing community is very welcoming to everyone. Nobody likes to see anyone get hurt. We want everyone to understand the risks and follow the rules and enjoy climbing safely.